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Molluscum Case Study

See for yourself. This is the case of a 39 year old man infected with molluscum contagiosum on the neck. The infection started on the back of the neck near the hair line as 3 tiny pearly bumps. After eight months, it had spread to the shoulders, the front of the neck and to the chin and cheeks and was continuing to spread. He tried several other treatments with no success.
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Picture of molluscum bumps 1 week before treatment 1 week before
Picture of molluscum bumps 3 days after treatment 3 days after
Picture of molluscum bumps 1 week after treatment 1 week after
Picture of molluscum bumps 11 days after treatment 11 days after

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My daughter has suffered over a year from molluscum all over her body.  We tried so many things and nothing worked, not even doctor visits. Then we tried Natural Molluscum on a small patch on her waist. It worked just like you said and cleared up very quickly. I've attached the photos I took. We're now going to try it on the rest of her body. Thanks so much. A grateful Mom.

Just before treatment
Right after treatment
2 weeks after


... She caught it from her sister and it spread quickly over a wide area in her armpit. I used your treatment in one shot on the whole area. Everything that was treated had vanished within 10 days. There are a couple outside the treatment area that are still there because we missed them, so I'll will treat them seperately. You can use the pictures I send you as testimonial on your website as you asked. S. B.

1 day after
3 days after
1 week after

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